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The birth of Shenty Part 2

La nascita di Shenty Parte 2

We have finally reached the second chapter of the weekly appointment that tells the "Origin Story" of Shenty. In this article we will get to the heart of the path , with a succession of events that will lead the idea of ​​a boy to become a concrete project .

August 2019

It had been about 2 months since the crazy idea of ​​creating a clothing brand had crossed my brain. Yet I was still there, working as a clerk in the same shop, with the same superiors ready to tell me what I should and shouldn't do; ready to give me their orders , but above all their judgments, their sentences. Besides, why would I ever have to change? I enjoyed a good permanent contract and received a salary well above the average of the boys of my age. My future was already written , I would have grown within the company, climbing the hierarchies and getting more and more important roles. Everything was already planned, that had to be my path, my destiny . Unfortunately, however, since that crazy idea of ​​the brand had become a small flame always alive in my head, I felt different . I began to reflect every day on what I really wanted from my life , if what awaited me in the future already written was really what I wanted. At that point I asked myself a question, perhaps the most important of all: "Are you really happy?" . The answer was no . Instinct told me that I had to take the leap , that I had to take that risk and start a totally new path, which would have turned my life upside down. The next day I called the company and without fear I announced my resignation. There was no uproar, there were no attempts by the company to hold me back, on the other hand, as they said, I was just a number , one among many. "All important, none essential" was the mantra of the company I had just escaped from.

February 2020

Unemployed. A word that for many is unpronounceable , which generates fear and agitation . Yet I was happy to be, it was exactly what I needed, 5 months of pure relaxation to find myself. The last days before the discharge had been something extremely stressful , I had come to lose 6 or 7 kg and weigh about 60. But from that moment it had already been 5 months; they had served me to regain mental clarity , to rest, get back into shape and return to having a positive mentality. I could never have set up a company in precarious psycho-physical conditions. But by now I was ready , it was time to roll up my sleeves, start studying for my project and lay the foundations of my new brand. I was so charged and motivated that for a moment I did not notice what was happening in the world: it was soon declared a "Global Pandemic" . Covid19 had just forced us to remain quarantined inside our homes, until a date to be decided.

May 2020

3 months indoors. The news that talks all day about cases, infections and deaths . Fear and panic or of people perceivable in the air of the garden of my house from which I had never gone out. Not exactly the ideal climate to plan the creation of a clothing brand , but above all not the ideal period. The entire fashion and textile sector , like many other sectors, was in full crisis . It seemed absurd but my adventure had not yet begun and I was already encountering the first difficulties . Covid, an insurmountable wall, something totally beyond my control , was trying to stop me from realizing my dream. Fortunately, however, during the months of quarantine, I enjoyed a state of perfect health , which allowed me to use all that free time to really study my project. According to a market analysis, the pandemic had pushed many people towards online commerce , even the most avid suspicious had indulged in shopping sessions on the web . I therefore decided that the official debut of my Brand would take place Online ; I started studying how to create a website from scratch, without technical skills, how to manage it and how to take advantage of social channels to expand the reputation of a clothing brand. I spent weeks researching the internet, reading marketing books, watching any type of video that could give me a shred of experience and inspiration. At the end of the quarantine I had acquired the necessary skills to be able to work concretely on my project .

We have come to the end of the second part that tells the birth from Shenty . In the next blog article, we will tell you about the continuation of our history, where we will explore the various phases that led to the choice of creating a totally eco-sustainable brand.

We thank you for reading the article, and we look forward to seeing you next appointments weekly .