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Discovering the 4Earth collection

Alla scoperta della collezione 4Earth

Welcome to the new weekly appointment of the Shenty Blog , after having told you about the birth of the Brand in previous articles, as promised we have decided to create a new series in which we will talk about our collections , analyzing the concept, the products and the message they want to launch. In this article we will talk about "4Earth" , to all intents and purposes our first collection created.


4Earth was the first collection designed, the one available from Shenty's Day One . For this reason it represents the pure essence of our brand; the name is a reinterpretation of the words "For Earth" , a series of products created For the Earth . The number 4, in the early days, symbolized the number of colors in which the articles were available. To date the collection has grown considerably, enriched with new colors and products, but we have decided to keep the name chosen at the origins unchanged. The concept of the collection is precisely to enhance the beauty of the many shades of color of our planet , paying homage to it by imprinting them on our garments, obviously made with sustainable materials.

Oceano Verde : a bright green water that recalls the beauty of the Caribbean seabed.

Fallow : a reddish brown, which assumes the soil during agricultural rotations in the month of May.

Mango : a bright yellow with orange hues, the color of the tropical fruit.

Light mint : a pale greenish color, which exudes freshness exactly like the plant of the same name.

These are the colors that were originally conceived for the launch of the first collection, but to date the 4Earth collection can boast about a dozen colors , inspired by nature: Desert, Crystalline Water, Carbon Black, Polar White, Navy Blue, and Butter.


4Earth is a basic collection, the starting idea was precisely to create products that can withstand over time , withstand sudden changes in trends and fashion. To be able to fulfill this mission, in addition to the basic and timeless design, it was necessary to give the clothing the highest quality . In response to this need, we have decided to make the entire collection in GOTS certified organic cotton , and only for specific GRS certified Recycled Polyester items.

Logo and Boxy T-shirt :

The two classic t-shirts from the Shenty catalog, made of 100% organic combed and spun cotton, freshness and lightness are their two strengths. The first stands out for a classic fit, and the water-printed heron logo embossed on the left breastplate. The second can boast the Boxy fit, a particular fit, which makes the t-shirt slightly oversized and shorter than normal, as well as the embroidery with "Shenty" writing in the center of the chest. T-shirts to wear thousands of times and in any situation, obviously available in various colors inspired by nature.

4seasons Sweatshirts :

The name of these sweatshirts derives precisely from their design and their composition, specifically designed to make them usable during all 4 seasons. The mix of organic cotton and recycled polyester makes them warm enough for the winter cold and at the same time cool enough for the spring and summer winds. Softness is their greatest strength, they are available in 3 colors with hood and a single version without hood with an oversized fit.

Comfort Shorts & Pants :

The shorts and trousers of the 4earth collection, their name conveys the immediate sensation you get when wearing them: absolute comfort. Whether you are on vacation during an excursion in the middle of nature, or lying on the sofa at home, their comfort will remain unchanged. Also made with the mix of organic cotton and recycled polyester, they differ in their heaviness. The shorts offer a cooler, lighter fabric ideal for the summer months, while the long pants have a heavier, plush composition to warm up the winter days.

Caps and Buckets :

To complete the totally eco-sustainable outfits, we have implemented two variations of hats made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. Winter hats, warm and fluffy, and Bucket hats, classic fisherman hats, cool and able to protect the head from the sun during hot days.

4Earth is and will always remain a continuous and basic collection , so you can always find its products available in our shop. Each season we will launch new colors to enrich it, without ever exaggerating in production to avoid leaving the canons of Slow Fashion .

We thank you for coming this far, and having discovered the concept of the 4Earth collection, so we give you an appointment to the next chapter , in which we will analyze the limited edition collection of Shenty: Elements .