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The Birth of Shenty Part 3

La Nascita di Shenty Parte 3

Third part of the weekly appointment that tells the story of Shenty's birth . In the last article we told you about how the pandemic and quarantine had pushed us to take full advantage of free time in order to be able to obtain the skills necessary for the creation of the Brand. In this third part we will see how we managed to reap the fruits of so much study and design.

JUNE 2020

Finally the quarantine was over , we were free again, we could leave our homes and resume performing all those daily activities that we had missed so much. First I thought I wanted to hug my friends again , it had been about 3 months since the last time I had seen them live and not through the display of my smartphone. I was trembling with the desire to tell everyone about my new project , about what I was working on, about how I would launch myself into the creation of a clothing brand . The first one I decided to inform about the matter was Vincenzo, my best friend for a lifetime. We've known each other pretty much since we were 6 , so I was very interested in your opinion on my choice. I explained to him practically everything , I told him how I had spent whole days planning and studying everything down to the smallest detail. He listened to me for about half an hour and after a moment's pause he said to me: "Yes, I'm here too , let's do it together". In that instant we had become partners , I could only be thrilled to have a trusted person who believed in my project, and who put his ideas at the service of the cause. From that moment on we had two heads and two brains working on the creation of the Brand.


One of the most difficult things ever when you decide to create a clothing brand, is undoubtedly the "Naming" or the choice of name and logo. We had spent the previous months defining a target , looking for reliable suppliers, and putting our skills to create the website , but we had not yet thought about what to call our future company. Initially I decided to rely on instinct , I began to write on a sheet all the characteristics that the Brand should have, from its identity, to its model customer, to the type of product, to the marketing strategy. Once I finished writing I decided to reread everything calmly, and then booom! I had a name: "ICONIC" . At first impact it immediately seemed to me a perfect name that clearly reflected the identity of the brand, but my enthusiasm was immediately curbed by Vincenzo, who in addition to not liking it pointed out to me how he was plagiarizing about eighty already existing companies. The difficulty in choosing a brand name is precisely this, whatever you think already exists , and if it is not identical it is very similar. We spent whole days trying to find one, but at the same time we thought that perhaps instead of starting from the name we should start from the logo . We needed a symbol able to represent ourselves at best, but above all able to remain imprinted in people's minds and to send a precise message .


In that long list that I had written and which contained all the characteristics that the Brand must have, Vincenzo and I decided to focus on one in particular: "Creation of eco-sustainable collections" . During one of our meetings, eco-sustainability became a topic of discussion ; Vincenzo pushed for the creation of a completely eco-sustainable brand , which did not stop only at the creation of a line or certain collections with the use of ecological materials, but which was so at 360 degrees . Each product had to be made with a sustainable method , and even packaging and shipping had to be. I was very skeptical about it, my biggest fear was the difficulty of finding suppliers of exclusively eco-friendly products, but above all of how the Brand would be received by people . The interest in sustainable fashion in Italy was practically zero and people didn't care if a garment polluted more or less. The possibility of immediate failure and failure was just around the corner. That night in bed I kept thinking about the issue of Sustainability , I couldn't sleep, I was constantly tossing and turning in search of the perfect position to fall asleep, but my head started to travel. I went back thinking about all the havoc I had seen in the years in which I had worked in the service of Fast Fashion stores: clothes treated like rags, industrial quantities of handled products, not to mention the synthetic and toxic materials with which they were made. The next morning I called Vincenzo and gave him the definitive Ok . Our brand had to be totally eco-sustainable.

Thus ends the third appointment of Shenty's "Origin Story". Keep following us to discover the continuation of the story . Next week will be the last chapter in which you will discover what were the most important decisions and how we came to choose the name of Shenty .