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The Birth of Shenty Part 4

La Nascita di Shenty Parte 4

Welcome to the last chapter of Shenty's "Origin Story" , if you've made it this far we can't help but thank you for showing interest in our story and for deciding to find out more about us. Most people limit themselves to seeing and evaluating clothing brands solely on the basis of the final products, but few decide to discover their background by noting how much work, passion and sacrifices are behind it.


The choice had been made and it was irreversible, from that moment we would never go back: Our future Brand should have been totally eco-sustainable . The topic of sustainability for me was fairly unexplored terrain, so I decided that I absolutely had to know more about it. So I started studying again, accumulating hundreds of internet searches, dozens of books and documentaries to understand and understand environmental sustainability in all its essence. The findings were shocking , the more I studied the more I came across topics such as the climate crisis , melting ice, the extinction of various animal species and much more. I had been complicit in all that disaster, I belonged to that vast group of human beings who had never asked themselves questions about it, who totally ignored the situation. From that moment my life changed drastically, I started to change my daily routine starting from the little things, trying to have a lower environmental impact than in the past. I realized how much information had changed me , and how much the issue of eco-sustainability was snubbed, especially in Italy. I therefore decided that my brand would not limit itself to bringing sustainable clothing to the market, but that it would inform as many people as possible by talking about sustainability on all its social channels. I also decided that every single collection should send a message of sustainability.


The identity of our Brand had been defined, yet we had not yet chosen a name and a logo that best represented it. We were so stressed by the choice of the name that at one point we decided not to think about it anymore. We spent days if not weeks planning everything else, leaving aside the topic of "Naming" as much as possible. Probably that was the best choice , because just with a cold and free mind came the unexpected inspiration . One of those evenings by pure chance and probably out of boredom, I decided to watch a documentary about the Ancient Egyptians . Among countless images of pyramids, tombs of pharaohs and expanses of sand, at a certain point a figure appeared before my eyes and caught my attention : a hieroglyph of the Heron . It was such a strong impact that I decided to photograph it, and send the image to Vincenzo. I had felt a particular call as soon as I saw that symbol, so I proposed to my partner to use it as our brand logo . He too liked it immediately and asked me to check its meaning:

The Ancient Egyptians called it "Shenty", the gray heron was a kind of divinity, because when it appeared in flight, it announced the beginning of a new cycle of fertility of the earth.

"Beginning of a new cycle" was therefore the meaning attributed to the heron by the ancient Egyptians, and it was damn good for us. The heron became our logo and Shenty our name.

Here ends the last chapter of the history of Shenty, from next week we will go into the details of the collections and find out how each of them was born . From the choice of products to the message to be launched accompanied by a detailed analysis of their sustainability concept.