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Behind the scenes of the new collection

Dietro le quinte della nuova collezione

We are proud to be able to announce the new Limited Edition SS23 collection by Shenty.

Available from this week in our online shop and in the physical Corner Shop. With this blog article we want to provide you with further details about the products and their concept; we will therefore analyze them individually, telling you interesting anecdotes and the respective background of their creation, also mentioning the respective artists who have collaborated with us for the creation of the graphics.


vintage tee

GOTS certified 100% organic cotton T-shirt.

The basic idea comes from the desire to create a strongly summery product, playing with bright and bright colors, ideal for a beach outfit, or for an afternoon stroll along the sea, perhaps wearing a shorts.

The imagery that we wanted to recreate through the 4 vector prints is precisely that of an 80s summer, choosing iconic symbols for the hot season, and combining them with the colors of the shirts, without excessively dirtying the minimal and semi-basic style of the garments.

LEMON / YELLOW: The citrus fruit that most of all gives off a feeling of freshness and lightness

WATERMELON / RED: The most representative fruit of the Italian summer

ICE CREAM CONE / BLUE: nothing better than a nice creamy ice cream cone to represent a summer pleasure, in this specific case with a Smurf flavour.

KAKTUS: Succulent plant that recalls heat and high temperatures

The uniqueness of the product is dictated by the "emptied" print, for example the yellow of the lemon is obtained directly from the color of the t-shirt, the same goes for all the other graphics.

The final touch? The writing "Shenty" made with a bold Vintage font.

Artist Instagram profiles:


native t-shirts

Also made in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, it can boast a higher weight than other t-shirts, also equipped with thicker and more resistant seams and an oversized fit.

Through the creation of this garment, we wanted to represent the deep bond between human beings and nature, for this very reason we decided to depict an Indigena face on the back of the t-shirt, embellished with the words "Take Care". A sort of reminder to remind each of us to take care of our land, as the natives do, living in full symbiosis with nature.

The graphics were created in collaboration with an artist, through a mix of freehand drawing and artificial intelligence. Also in this case we have chosen to combine the style of the lettering with the concept of the shirt, using a font that recalls finger painting, typical of American Indians.

Artist Instagram profile:


Sloth T-Shirt

This t-shirt is certainly one of the most representative of the collection; It all started by discovering the drawings of the artist with whom we subsequently collaborated.

We were struck and fascinated by his illustrations of "humanized animals", made through freehand painting. Real works of art with a unique and recognizable style. Hence the desire to create a collaboration by choosing an animal that could best represent the ethics of our brand.

We have chosen the Sloth to create a metaphor with "Slow Fashion", ethical and sustainable fashion cannot have a better mascot than this very nice animal. It is no coincidence that we have chosen to "humanize" him by making him wear a sweatshirt with the words "Slow Fashion" imprinted on it.

The 100% organic cotton t-shirt comes in a Boxy cut, wider and shorter than normal, with wide, relaxed sleeves. Available in 1 single colour: Frozen White.

Artist Instagram profile:


Born from our passion for Japanese anime and manga, this boxy fit tee embraces the latest streetwear trends.

A very particular and refined artistic style, which sees a cartoon subject in the foreground interacting on a real photographic background. A very clear contrast that combines reality and fantasy, concreteness and hope.

The Afro boy smiles wearing Shenty clothing, during a rainy night in an undefined urban metropolis. The effect we wanted to recreate is just that of a comic book cover.

Artist Instagram profile:


Last product of the Limited Edition collection, but not least. This Polo, available in 2 color variants, is made of 100% organic cotton, rough Piquè fabric of the highest quality.

Polo shirts are usually associated with a fairly classic style and are usually offered with a logo graphic, or at most an inscription with the name of the brand in question. Precisely for this reason we have chosen to differentiate ourselves from the standards of this garment, offering an exclusive and original product.

This time we decided to do our bit, personally creating this Groovy graphic on the back with references to the 80s. A series of iconic symbols of that era, digitally printed as if they were many stickers glued to the fabric. On the front, the Polo is embellished by the presence of a recycled metal pin, depicting a smiling smile, another element in vogue in vintage fashion.

That's all, now you just have to discover all the items in the new Limited Edition collection in detail by clicking on the link below: