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The birth of Shenty Part 1

La nascita di Shenty Parte 1

With this article the official Shenty Blog was born, and like any self-respecting first article we found a certain difficulty in writing, but above all an indescribable emotion . We decided to create a blog because we felt the need to make ourselves known better, tell our story from the origins, and above all inform . The information is necessary to make the new generations understand and to raise awareness on the key theme of this Blog as well as of our Brand: environmental sustainability .

Obviously Shenty is an eco-sustainable clothing brand, within the articles of this Blog you will find numerous information and contents focused above all on the topic of pollution caused by the fashion sector, and all the possible solutions to counter this fast growing problem . .

After this introduction concerning the Blog, however, the time has come to tell you the first part of our young story . Pleased to meet you, Shenty is speaking to you!

June 2019

It was an ordinary day, wake up at the usual time, hearty breakfast, backpack and go straight to work. Being a salesman in a clothing store is a mission , to all intents and purposes; many think it is a simple job, within everyone's reach, in reality it requires an innumerable amount of skills , but one in particular predominates over the others: Patience . That day I would need a lot of Patience. A visit by the company's senior managers was scheduled, inside the shop where I worked, and all the insiders were trembling, especially the managers . I was one of them , I had recently been promoted , I had obtained the coveted position for which I had elbowed for the previous 2 years, yet that morning I felt something inside me, something different . I hated the fact that someone judged my work , especially when it came to Visual Merchandising , in a nutshell the aesthetic / commercial aspect of the store. That was my art , and everyone in the shop recognized me. I had a dowry, a talent, or even a vocation . But that morning I knew that some of the supreme leaders would question my art, destroy my ideas and disintegrate my creativity . Predictable to tell you that in the end it happened just like that. The way I had set up the men's department of the shop did not please them at all, my choices were criticized with a certain arrogance , and all the work I had done during the previous days to appear well in front of them, was literally canceled . They set me up stakes , told me what I should and shouldn't do, and also told me that I had had the nerve to take too much space . My creativity was of no use to the company, I was just a number and I had to carry out orders , like a toy soldier. I was driving the car on the usual drive home, my morale was shattered , my self-esteem disintegrated. At a certain point, however, I had a reflection , one of those that come to you a few times in life , and in my head a small flame began to take shape, a small fire just lit. A thought I had just made its way into my mind and my heart : "If my creativity does not serve their company, their brand, fine. Then it will serve my Brand , my Company."

We have reached the end of the first part which tells the birth of Shenty . In the next blog article, we will tell you the continuation of our story, where we will get to the heart of the creation of the brand , and of the products.

We thank you for reading the first article, and we look forward to seeing you for the next weekly appointments.