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Discovering the Elements collection

Alla scoperta della collezione Elements

Welcome to the weekly appointment with the Shenty Blog, in the last episode we talked about "Greenwashing" trying to clarify its meaning, but today we will return to talk about our products, specifically we will analyze the "Elements" limited edition collection , explaining the concept and the underlying message.


Elements was launched in Fall / Winter 2021 , and is numerically Shenty's second collection. Its nature is limited edition , very few pieces of this collection have been made and subsequently put on sale. This choice derives from the fact of not wanting to create waste of fabric and materials for a seasonal line, and fits perfectly with the sustainable ethics of the brand. The name "Elements" indicates the 4 elements depicted through embroidery or prints on the products of the collection. Each of these symbols has a specific meaning and gives the product a unique personality , with a strong message linked to environmental sustainability .

LEAF Element Earth : the Philodendron leaf embroidered behind the neck of the Heavy T-shirt, represents the element "Earth", a symbol against pollution , as this plant is capable of absorbing up to 80% of toxic substances present in the air.

WAVE Water Element: The white wave embroidered in the center of the chest of the Seafoam sweatshirt is the representation of the "Water" element, a symbol of purification and movement towards a better future. Learn from your mistakes and achieve your goals. Purify yourself from Fast Fashion and turn towards more sustainable choices.

BUTTERFLY Animal Element: The butterfly embroidered in the center of the chest of the Lavander sweatshirt is the representation of the "Animal World", as well as a symbol of evolution . What the fashion world needs, to take flight towards a sustainable ethics.

MOON Sky Element: The moon printed in the center of the chest of the Black Heavy T-shirt represents the "Sky" element, a symbol of Hope , the light in the dark, the strength we need to change our way of thinking and start taking us. care of our planet.


All the products belonging to the Elements collection, despite their limited edition availability, maintain a basic and streetwear style at the Design level. The presence of prints and embroideries, mostly of small dimensions, does not compromise its durability over time and its ability to withstand sudden changes in fashions and trends. The two sweatshirts Seafoam and Lavander maintain a 4-season composition , exactly the same mix of organic cotton and recycled polyester, used to make the 4seasons sweatshirts of the basic and continuous 4earth collection . Thus allowing you to wear them in all months of the year if necessary. The situation is different for the two Heavy T-shirts of the Elements collection, which adopt a decidedly heavier and more rigid fabric than a normal t-shirt, always made of 100% organic cotton , but with the ability to withstand colder temperatures , therefore ideal to wear during the autumn, winter and partly spring seasons. So the only winter-only product in this collection is the Heavy Lunar Black Sweatshirt , also made of 100% certified organic cotton , but with a decidedly heavy weight, able to repel even the most bitter cold .


The Elements collection is therefore born from the idea of ​​launching many small messages of sustainability through the symbols present on the products, to try as much as possible to communicate and sensitize people to ecological purchases. You can find here in the Shenty online shop, the last remaining pieces of Elements proposed in this period at a sale price .

So you just have to take advantage of it and take advantage of discounts up to 30% on products from the Elements Limited Edtion collection. Thank you for reading this article and will see you next week for a new chapter of the Shenty Blog.