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Ethical Working Conditions

We ensure that all our products are made under fair and safe working conditions. We only work with suppliers who share our ethical values ​​and respect rigorous labor standards, as certified by the Fair Wear Foundation. Here's how we ensure we maintain these standards:

  • Workers' rights : All workers are treated with dignity and respect, with fair wages and reasonable working hours.
  • Safe working environments : We constantly monitor and verify working conditions to ensure they are safe and healthy, avoiding any form of exploitation.
  • Absence of child labor : We are firmly against child labor and only work with suppliers who guarantee the absence of this practice in their operations, in line with the standards of the Fair Wear Foundation.

Ethical and Environmental Certifications

To ensure that our products and processes live up to the highest standards of sustainability and ethics, we rely on internationally recognized certifications:

  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) : Certifies that our organic cotton products meet rigorous environmental and social criteria throughout the supply chain.
  • RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) : Ensures the integrity of claims relating to the recycled content of our materials, promoting the use of recycled resources.
  • Fair Wear Foundation : Verifies and ensures that our production processes meet high standards of ethical work, ensuring safe and fair working conditions for all workers involved.