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What is Social Rewards?

Social Rewards is a prize initiative created by Shenty to share the passion for the brand and sustainable clothing only with members of the SY Community.

How does it work ?

1- Join the Shenty SY community

2- Take a picture wearing your Shenty garment

3- Share it on Instagram as a Post , tagging the official Shenty page: the.shenty

4- The Tag is considered valid only if it is also present in the description of the Post

5- Your profile must be Public and not Private

6- Your account must be active, profiles that do not have photos or posts are not eligible

7- We will check that everything is ok , and that you have respected the procedure above

8- You will be contacted by us via Mail or Instagram Direct to receive your Rewards

Monthly premiums

Rewards are awarded at the end of the month based on the goals you have achieved :

1- First post : 10% discount code

2- 3 Posts / Month : 30% discount code

3- 5 Posts / Month : 1 product of your size as a surprise gift

Post count

Each Shenty product with which you click and share, can be used for a maximum of 2 posts , subsequent times will not be considered valid . Use another article to get your post counted .